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the stuff that you are going to read on this blog would not just be about myself and this is not a repository of my junk thoughts.

i plan to make this blog interactive and relevant. this may be a personal blog but i am hoping that through this medium, i am able to reach out and make a difference.

sounds pretty noble, huh?

well, not really. i mean what’s the point of putting myself out there without making a difference? writers write not just because they want to, but because they want to share something for a purpose. and that’s what i am to do: write for a purpose.

people who have read my works before would say that i am a very angry person. and at one point, that’s true. because i used to write about how sad and pathetic my life was and how unfair this world has treated me. but i have realized that although sharing my experiences is an effective tool of communicating, i would have to explore more avenues of inspiration in order for me to grow as a writer.

i have no formal schooling in writing so the entries that you will read are pretty raw and sometimes all over the place. but that is the only way i know how to write.

ultimately, i am writing again because of a selfish reason: for myself. this blog is not intended for mass consumption and eventhough i encourage people to read my blog, i do not expect everyone to agree with me and my views.

so, what can you expect from this blog? well, let me tell you about the categories of each entry so that you’ll get an idea of what this blog is all about:

the adventures of the amazing cofiboi is a lot like my online diary. entries under this category would be all about ME. this is the selfish part of my blog. 🙂

cofi cup is about love. all the mushy stuff would be in this category. so if you’re not into that stuff, you better skip it. or grab a barf bag instead.

i also write about my job and my office, and that’s what paperclip is about. i see my office as one big circus and though not all are freaks, it’s one show that is quite interesting to watch.

the streetwalker chronicles on the other hand, is about places i’ve been to and places i would love to go to. i wanted to be a travel journalist before and it’s not to late to start. 🙂

so there. these are the stuff that i write about. and again, these are my thoughts and my opinions and i really don;t know why i need to have a disclaimer, it’s my blog after all.


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