cofiboi’s hello

and so i begin again.

it has been a while since i shared my thoughts online. that’s because life and all it’s crazy antics got in the way.

but, here i am again. staring at the blank screen and trying to pry the words out of me dust covered gray matter.

one of the things i hate about writing is figuring out what to write about. sometimes i see inspiraton all around but when i sit down and start to write, words escape me.

but since this is a new blog, and the only people who will read this and would be reading this are those whom i have bullied on friendster, facebook, plurk and twitter, i really don’t think that i need to introduce myself.

but for the you, the stranger who stumbled upon this blog, welcome.

my name is cofiboi. i am just like you: a statistic, a part of a demographic, an employee number, a street walker.

you are reading my thoughts- well my written thoughts at least. these are borne out of the need to ‘unload’ my brain of all the stuff it has accumulated in all the years i have walked this overcrowded planet. no, i am not someone who hates the world. on the contrary, i am in love with it. my thoughts on these pages paint a picture of how i see the world i am in.

you would’t find anything extraordinary here. no celebrity gossip, no over the top political views and there are none of those fancy travel and style articles here. these are just thoughts from someone who has a lot of things to say.

so there, welcome and i hope you enjoy the ride. 🙂


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