they run around in your head like cockroaches in your bedroom walls unseen but they linger like an itch underneath your skin when you close your eyes to sleep they’re like the tiny lights dancing in your eyes unwanted. uninvited. but just the same they stay you brush those thoughts away you try but fail […]


And I thought I have moved on. Apparently, this moving on thing is a very organic process for me. Translation: really slow. Last year when an opportunity to start fresh came my way, my former manager and supervisor threatened me with a lawsuit. Citing a clause in my contract that would forbid me to take […]

27 Thoughts While Working Out for the First Time Ever

   On my first day at the gym, my ultimate goal was not to die. So these were the things that were running through my head while I was making my way through the unexplored (in my case) territory called “the gym”: I seriously hope I don’t die today.  The gym’s on the 3rd floor? […]


  oh you’re still there hi want to come inside? maybe have a drink or two? how about we go out for dinner? see a movie? or dance? no? tell me, what’s on your mind? it’s been ages since we last talked how’s life treating you? i’m doing well given the circumstances so tell me, […]


loyalty. some people put a premium on it. relationships last because of it. workplaces thrive on it. unfortunately, some companies think of it as a trivial commodity; relegated to the desperate, the uninspired, lacking in value, the stagnant ones. what some fail to realize is that loyalty is an investment in itself. for individuals to […]

Bayang Magiliw

I am a Filipino I have a spirit that cannot be bent nor broken I am remain resilient, unfazed and unbowed I am a survivor I fall, I lose, I cry but when the sun rises I get up, I win and smile again